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Aeroshots is a combination of experience and enthusiasm.


is the "Boss" of the technical department and the pilot of our Drones. He has over 15 years experience assembling and flying planes, drones, as well as leading RC boats.

His main skills are mechanical and electronic knowledge, applied to the world of Radio Control. This knowledge allows quick tuning of our flight equipment at the point of shooting. It has countless hours flight entertainment and competition environments.
Now has discovered the amazing world of cinema... and love it.


 is the "Artware" of Aeroshots. Photographer by vocation since more than 30 years. Self-taught and self-styled, works as a professional since 1985. Being exercised director and cinematographer on a wide range of film and video productions: documentary, industrial, advertising. It has technical knowledge of production and post-production,

Mechanics and Design are your "other" vocations. Now has discovered the incredible world of radio-control and love it.

Several Drone Systems attending the needs of professionals.


We know
that the industry of video production and professional photography is very demanding, so, our drones systems incorporate the latest technologies, these drones, are designed and built, thinking specifically for exceptional results both in high video quality and professional photography.

We are constantly evolving to help obtain the best and fully creative images.


Hire Drone 360VR- Special for 360 degree video production We are "Professional Droners" and we love our work and technology. We offer the best solutions to capture perfect and unobstructed videos with a 360 degree FOW. We have developed our own stabilization system that gives you stable images without black areas (areas of obstruction). This system is an open system and can mount several camera systems like OZO, GoPro Rigs etc.

AeroShots is one of the first companies in Spain providing Drones hire service for 360º Virtual Reality Productions.