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Broadcast and film industry has always been looking for the "Wow factor"

Surprise the public with shocking images is the biggest dream of filmmakers and creative directors of advertising campaigns.

Move and place the camera to achieve, viewpoints impossible, requires sophisticated technical systems and in many cases, very expensive solutions. Helicopters, cranes, dolly, stedycams, technical specialists and endless "gadgets" meet the day of shooting. There is so much money involved and any changes in the shooting schedule, means time and trouble.

Take a look to our Demo Reel  video-miniocto-01

Looking for an effective solution? The drones will provide an effective, creative and very versatile, location changes are not a problem, change the camera movements does not require large investments of time.

Be serious & creative while you save your money.octo-01

Our Multi-Rotors system are designed to save you money, while increasing your productivity and creativity.

  • Fly from 0m. to 200m which allows for closer to the action shooting as well as very high panoramic landscapes.
  • We operate high quality cameras like Canon 5DMII, Nex7, NS F100.
  • We have several high quality octocopters: Droidworks Heavy Lift, adapted to the requirements of professional jobs.
  • Our services cost a fraction of the price of hire full-size helicopter.
  • Quick setup and easy to carry.

Aeroshots, is the combination of over 20 years experience in the professional production and post-production images. And 15 years in the "exciting" world of RC: Drones, Airplanes, Helicopters, Cars, Boats. Need anything else? Do not worry, we are in constant evolution. Tell us your needs

Aeroshots gives you the possibility to make your aerial filming in Spain with the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Drone Services in Spain


The Best Drone Rental Services

Since 2010 Aeroshots offers a drone rental service in Spain. Strategically located in Barcelona our professional drone hire service covers the entire territory of Spain. We are a leading company in Spain and as such, we offer the best technical solutions to the professional sector of audiovisual production.

Trust your shoots to professionals, what do you need?

AeroShots offers you only professional equipment, Drones, Drones for 360VR, Cable Cam, Handled Gimbal System, Photogrammetry, Scouting Sevice.

Few drone companies in Spain can offer you an experience as wide as AeroShots. Experience acquired collaborating in Spanish and international productions, more than 300 days of filming (demonstrable) in films, commercials, documentaries, video clips shot all over Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Morocco, France.



- DJI Matrice 600 for epic shoots with Alexa mini, Epic, Black Magic
- DJI S1000 for cameras like the Panasonic GH4 or Sony Alpha7 SII, if you rent this equipment you take another S900 unit without additional cost. Only professionals.
- DJI S900 an economic drone, is a step below the DJI S1000 and Matrice but offers a very good quality at an unbeatable price, contact us.
Drone Hire 360VR in Spain - We offer you a first class rental service

Cable Cam

Hire our own Cable Cam system equipped with a Ronin MX or equipped with our open gimbal system for special cameras.


Handled Gimbal

Do you need a hand operated Gimbal? No problem we also have the most complete and current version of the Ronin MX.